Will's Quilt

A quilt made for Will. Corner Folded Full quilt

Too Cool For Old School, Not Cool Enough For New

I fell in love with quilting when I was in graduate school. I didn’t know it then, but just like all addicts, that first meeting at the local extension office was my hook. Who knew that a group of little old ladies were introducing me to my personal gateway drug?

How I Came To Be in Love with a Toy Cow (And Her Best Friend)

I don’t know how other people deal with their way of life. I mean, most of us just get up every day and do all the mundane things we have to do, all in the belief that one day life will be more interesting, or fun, or whatever. I’m not good with that, so I had to figure out a way to deal with how my expectations of my life and how my real life didn’t match up - despite much work and stress on my part.